Must be 21 or over to enjoy LaSalle Kitchen & Tavern
Nunc Est Bibendum

Nunc Est Bibendum means “now is the time we drink,” and it captures the very essence of LaSalle Kitchen & Tavern (LKT). We’re not suggesting anyone be irresponsible; what we are saying is that you should enjoy yourself, your friends, and the best life has to offer … that you choose the code by which you will live and grab every bit of joy you can in the world. Eat the best food, drink the best craft beer and wines, and spend quality time with the people you care about … maybe even learn a thing or two about beer, food, and friends along the way.

You’ll notice all the little sayings we’ve incorporated throughout LKT that promote “Live the Code.” They are there to teach us, inspire us, and remind us to live well — to live a life fulfilled. They also serve as our promise to you that whenever you come we’ll cook you a delicious hot meal, pour you the best glass of liquid cheer you’ve had all year and stimulate your mind with laughter, music, and great conversation.

At LKT the beer is bountiful, and we always pour more than 30 different craft beers — bottled and or on draft. Because they are constantly in rotation, you have new breweries and seasonal batches to discover every time you visit. We also offer more than 120 American, Irish, and Canadian whiskeys and scotches, and great affordable wines.

LKT is a casual gastropub that’s easy on the taste buds and the budget, and we look forward to serving you. Come eat from our kitchen and drink from our taps. Sit with old friends (or make new ones), grab a board game from the stack, or just chill to the live music. It’s all part of “Living the Code.”

You will find these codes popping up on all things LKT. We invite you to enjoy these phrases and even come up with some of your own- and of course share them with us! Post your code(s) on our Facebook page, or email it to us, we may even share them with others who aspire to live the code!

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